General Locked Rotation Function

Program GLRF

Liang Tong

Version 4.1 - Jan., 1999

Table of Contents


A. The Slow Rotation Function
B. The Fast Rotation Function
C. The Ordinary Self Rotation Function
D. The Ordinary Cross Rotation Function
E. The Locked Self Rotation Function
F. The Locked Cross Rotation Function
G. General Strategies
H. Specialized Translation Functions

Description of Input Commands

A. General Input Commands
B. Definition of a Few Conventions
C. Specification of Local Symmetry
D. Commands that Define the First (A) Crystal
E. Commands that Define the Second (B) Crystal
F. Commands that Define the Third (C) Crystal
G. Specification of Search Parameters
H. The Fast Rotation Function
I. Patterson-Correlation Refinement
J. The Locked Translation Function
K. Miscellaneous Commands
L. Electron Density Rotation Translation Functions
M. Contour Plots
N. Storage Limits


A. New Features (Versions)
B. Example Inputs
C. The Triple Rotation Function
D. The Real Space Rotation Function
E. Location of Local Symmetry Axis
F. Positions Related by Local Symmetry
G. Special Commands for Purdue Files
H. Handling of Logicals in Subroutine CHEKIN

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Reference: L. Tong & M. G. Rossmann Acta Cryst. A46, 783-792, (1990).

Reference: L. Tong & M. G. Rossmann Methods in Enzymology