Liang Tong Lab at Columbia University

Group Pictures (2001-2005)

Dim Sum at Golden Bridge Restaurant (Goodbye for Xiao), December 2005

Xiao's Thesis Defense, October 5, 2005. Congratulations!

Group Picture, July 2005

Dim Sum at Tai Hong Lau (Stephanie and Gabe passing Qualify), July 2005

Group Picture, March 2005

Group Barbecue at Bear Mountain (Goodbye for Gerwald and Prof. Kim), August 2004

(Goodbye for Gerwald)

(Goodbye for Prof. Kim)

Group Picture, May 2004

Group Picture, September 2003

Lunch for Reza and Damara, September 2003

Reza's Thesis Defense, August 27, 2003. Congratulations!

Jenny's Thesis Defense, March 13, 2003. Congratulations!

Group Picture, January 2003

Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn, January 2003

Group Picture (Goodbye for Chi-Yuan, Amy and Sarah), May 2002

Group Picture (Goodbye for Renu), January 2002

Group Picture, October 2001

Visit of Dr. Matthew Olson and Geri Bebernitz, October 2001

Group Barbecue at Bear Mountain State Park, July 2001