Liang Tong Lab at Columbia University

Group Pictures (2006-2010)

Holiday Party, December 2010

Group Picture, November 2010

Brunch at Community Food & Juice (Goodbye for Chiba and Martin), November 2010

Group Picture, July 2010

Dinner at Campo (Goodbye for Turgay and Flora), July 2010

Group Picture, March 2010

Lunch at Vine (Goodbye for Yun and Mike), March 2010

Celebrating Liang's election as AAAS Fellow, December 2009

Holiday Party, December 2009

Yun's Thesis Defense, November 20, 2009. Congratulations!

Group Picture, August 2009

Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn (Goodbye for Gabe, and Linda, Christine and Kehui passing Qualify), August 2009

Group Picture, August 2009

Lunch at Dinosaur Barbecue (Goodbye for Song), August 2009

Group Barbecue at Bear Mountain State Park, July 2009

(Goodbye for Matt)

Group Picture, May 2009

Gabe's Thesis Defense, April 2, 2009. Congratulations!

Gerwald's Visit, March 2009

Holiday Party, December 2008

Group Picture, August 2008

Lunch at Rack and Soul (Goodbye for Stephanie), August 2008

Pot-luck and Barbecue Party, June 2008

(Goodbye for Corey and Chi-Yuan)

Cake (Goodbye for Maia), June 2008

Group Picture, March 2008

Lunch at Indus Valley Restaurant (Goodbye for Sandeep), March 2008

Group Picture, January 2008

Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn (Goodbye for Yang), January 2008

Yu-Shan (Stephanie)'s Thesis Defense, November 14, 2007. Congratulations!

Cake (Goodbye for Svetlana), August 2007

Group Barbecue at Tallman State Park, July 2007

Lunch at Le Monde (Goodbye for Jordi), May 2007

Corey's Thesis Defense, May 8, 2007. Congratulations!

Lunch at Tomo's (Goodbye for Jiang), April 2007

Group Picture, April 2007.

Jiang's Thesis Defense, April 10, 2007. Congratulations!

Group Picture, February 2007.

Lunch at Tomo's (Goodbye for Javed), February 2007

Lunch at Le Monde (Goodbye for Weihong), January 2007

Group Picture (NESG), October 2006.

Group Picture, August 2006.

Lunch at Cafe Pertutti (Goodbye for Thierry), August 2006.

Group Barbecue at Van Cortlandt Park (Goodbye for Ben and Margareta), June 2006.

(Goodbye for Ben)

(Goodbye for Margareta)

Group Picture, June 2006.

Yang's Thesis Defense, May 11, 2006. Congratulations!